Saturday, 9 May 2015

Day 128 & 129: The choices and the wi-fi hunting continues

Day 129 - Saturday


OK, you know when you are at someone's house and you have no idea how to find something and you think, shit, why can't dogs talk for crying out loud!!
So, I am looking for the router so I can input password into my laptop when prompted for it and I can't find it. I follow every cable in the living room. Like - follow it. On my knees. Begging the dog to tell me. H., if you are reading this, don't laugh.

My friend said, it will be by the plants so I am looking for the plants but you know when you have an image of something and that something really doesn't quite match up to reality? That. I think - PLANTS - lots of them, maybe even with fruit or flowers you know. It's spring after all.

I look at the dog - hope can kill you you know. Finally, I give up. I will have to go and upload the videos tomorrow from the hotel again. Hopefully they won't mind me occupying the seat for several hours, again! I pick up the keys, the dog is delirious with happiness and bounces all over the place.

Ok, ok we are going and you can poop as much as your heart desires and...then, I spot it! Next to the smallest plant - a single plant - on a little table. The router.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I set the videos on upload and take the dog out for a quick walk. Come back. And wait, And wait. It is ow 21:14 and 8 out 26 videos uploaded (today's lessons went great, really happy with all the riders :) ) . I started around 6pm. Well, it is not my week for this internet malarkey, that's for sure.

Out and about today

Day 128 - Friday - The new order has been chosen

Some of you might be aware that besides Badminton Horse Trials there have been a fairly important event happening on Thursday with results being given today.
I am probably as a-political as one gets but I would like to express my relief in writing - it is good to know that the Xenophobic UKIP didn't go too far. However, I would also like to express my terror upon hearing 3.8 million people voted for them. Scary.


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