Monday, 8 June 2015

Day 157 & 158: The weekend

157: Saturday (in photos) :) 

Just a few photos from a wonderful day filled with some great people and horses to teach. I think I will call summer 'a balance season' ;) Riding in large fields for the second year running is incredibly helpful and really challenges the riders on all levels as far as seat, posture and balance goes. One of my teenage riders who had lessons in the field last year is already riding over undulated terrain with increased confidence and the rest of the riders will follow.
So many times the concepts of the horse 'being forehand heavy' or 'leaning in' or drifting out mean very little for learner rider but undulation very quickly defines these concepts.

158: Sunday

Every now and then we do a bit of a clear out among our belongings. This time, we added some play with the placements of furniture in the bedroom ;) That play took us half a day but we are rather pleased with the results. Nice restful Sunday with some home cooking, reading and sleeping! It was a long week ;)


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