Friday, 12 June 2015

Day 163: Hot stuff!

Oscar - are you done with this? I will prick my ears so we can have it over and done with and you can give me a shower! 

Oscar was half asleep when we finished our session today. The climate reminded me of schooling in Portugal - the sort of heat that makes you sweat in walk ;) I was 'lucky' to ride as the sun came out so that coupled with rather unusual airlessness felt like riding in a greenhouse.

The boy was very good though.

I had a bit of an epiphany as far as Moira's lesson content goes and started the new set of exercises today. She reported back that she enjoyed it and felt improvements creeping in so I take it as a confirmation that the path is the right one for the moment anyway ;)

Moira and Tilly - well deserved neck rub for the super mare :) 
Now,  I would like to send a massive thank you to all of you dear readers who also visit Aspire blog. I have had a bit of a shock last night - I've been too preoccupied with real life business recently and have not opened the stats for the blog for a while. Last night I was rather surprised to find out that even though I am not posting nearly as frequently as in the winter/autumn when I have more time and brain space left, the visits have actually boomed!

I am always in two minds when writing those articles. I am not any kind of guru so what I write about is simply a reflection of own experiences, observations and analysis. I read a lot and test all exercises that I ever mention on numerous willing clients ;) I amend them and tweak them and mull them over in my head to come up with a way to share them that might be possible for others to replicate and find some light bulb moments.

Tonight's stats on one the posts
The post, How NOT to pull on the reins - active vs passive resistance  have just reached way over 9k views and counting with several others being close.
The most visited posts are all on rider training rather than horse training. I am guessing this is because 90% of online material is about how to "make a horse do something" rather than how to teach the rider to train the horse.

I feel bad for not keeping up with the posts that are obviously sought after and I promise to try harder! In the meantime, huge thank you for reading and I am so happy the content is useful.

Thank you also for comments and suggestions about what you would like to read about. I do make notes and have a long list of topics to go through but realistically it's an autumn/winter task where I love to reflect on training during longer, dark evenings and lose myself with the laptop and my thoughts :)

Best daily views were on 10 June 2015 - thank you :) 

Off to Berkshire College of Agriculture Horse Trials with Emma and Shabhash tomorrow so stay tuned for the news on how the little sharp horse have coped :)



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