Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Day 256 - 301...Updates...Not always rosy...

2 October 2015

It's been over a month since my regular updates so I have officially failed at continuity of this 365 project. I could probably post something each day but this blog is supposed to be an accurate story of the year.
And I didn't want to share the accurate story of the last month simply because there has been so many things I have been downright fed up with and knew they need to be sorted and not whined about on the blog. On the other hand, I don't want to be writing rosy posts because that's not how it works in real life.
It's in my nature to focus on the positives though so I am slowly dealing with it all and I know I will eventually find the right solutions.

One of the things I have learnt working for myself is that you don't ever have anyone else to blame but oneself if something does or doesn't happen. It is both very isolating and empowering at the same time. There is nobody to call to complain about "the boss" not making things happen ;) You are that boss and it's up to you to make things happen.
The funny thing is that there is never a true break from that either. Something can always be that little bit better or you might have ideas that are stifled by circumstances and it's up to you to change those circumstances...

So many things I am fed up with at the moment that I know it's up to me to change but it is taking some effort people, quite some effort! ;)

Monday sunshine - 26th October

There are many good and exciting things happening too and I will write more about it tomorrow :)

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