Thursday, 29 October 2015

Day 302: Final preparations before the first Aspire training camp at Brackenhill Stud

I'm sitting here making final preparations for the weekend ahead. It's been in the making for quite a while now as it is a part of my wider goals for the Academy - facilitating training development opportunities for grassroots riders :)
We are taking four London based horses for a short training livery at Brackenhill Stud for a weekend of intensive training. They will join a few horses and riders based at Brackenhill for flatwork, pole work and jumping sessions on Saturday and a XC schooling trip on Sunday.

I love to challenge the notion that training and reaching for our best is mostly reserved for riders who compete. There are many riders out there who love to improve and strive to better their skills even if they aren't aiming for particular events or shows.

Training for the training sake, if structured and progressive, can be equally enjoyable, demanding, challenging and fun as training to compete :)



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