Thursday, 16 June 2016

Missing the Invincible

From my book that I decided not to go ahead with publishing:

Rochester, UK 2002

I didn't plan to arrive so late. Now it's midnight and besides a piece of paper with an address, I have nothing to guide me to my destination. There are no taxis outside the train station. The night is warm but I can feel first drops of rain landing on my head. I have no map and there is nobody around to ask for directions. I walk down the station approach but it's so freaking dark everywhere that I find myself escaping back to the station gates where at least there is a little light. 
I dial the number of the person I came over for but there's no reply. I don't know whether I am worried or desperate but when my eyes adjust to the darkness beyond a dim glow of the only street lamp I can see and I can make out a shape of a car parked at the end of the road, I do one thing that comes to my mind - I walk towards it. 

It's an old, red car full of stuff that obstruct the back window so even though I am now only few steps away I can't tell if there is anyone inside at all. There is. Two guys, one at the wheel and the other at the passenger seat, smile as I stop by their car. The window goes down. 

- Hey - I say - do you happen to know where this road is? - I pass the folded piece of paper I'd been holding in my hand to the guy in a passenger seat. and as I do so tens of thoughts run through my mind. I hope he knows where it is. I hope he doesn't. What the hell am I doing. It's midnight. I don't know these guys. They are probably going to kidnap me and sell at whatever market they are going to. Don't be ridiculous. 

- Yeah, cool, will get you there, jump in - the driver says with a smile. 

Cool. Great. Shit. I don't want to sleep at the station. The car is full of random stuff. Shit. 

The rain is getting stronger now so I grab the handle, open the car door and get in. I learn they are from Egypt and they're waiting for someone who is to arrive later so they have the time to drop me off. They learn I pretty much have no idea where I am, that I came to visit someone I really want to visit and that nobody answers the phone. They basically learn I would be easy to rob and nobody would know a thing. The drive takes just few minutes, they stop the car and show me the house I am looking for. 

We say goodbye about ten times, they wish me luck and as I watch their packed up car disappear round the corner I am pretty sure this is the dumbest, stupidest thing I have ever done and maybe ever will but I am alive and nobody kidnapped me or tried to kill me and I am standing at the door I needed to find. 

Invincible, that's how I feel. 

And right now, as I sit here with good few things on my mind, I damn wish I had the same belief in people, in circumstances, that I had back then. It would make everything a little less complicated.

Because jumping right in is often the best way to get to that destination...

Jazz, my crazy pup who thinks she is invincible indeed ;) 


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