Friday, 15 February 2008

Developing dressage seat

I took some stills from the video taken during my lesson in the end of January (more pictures on Hammie's blog) as I wanted to observe when exactly my legs are creeping up. I know that for
pure dressage I need to let my stirrups go even lower (I was told this by an international dressage rider so unfortunately this must be true ;). I don't think my hip ligaments are stretched readily at the moment to lengthen my stirrups as much as they need to though.
I will be trying to "find my dressage legs" slowly (great name for this quest which I found in this article - Finding Your Dressage Legs) . The length I ride with on the pictures already feels very comfortable and a year ago I would struggle to keep independence in my seat with them. I am hoping that this one more hole down will be able to happen shortly.

When I stand still, canter or trot my leg is bahaving reasonably well.

However, in walk when there is less momentum and I have to push Hamlet onto the outside rein I seem to be bringing my inside leg up. I push upwards and inwards instead of inwards and downwards. Bad me. Lots of work on that in front of me!

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