Saturday, 23 February 2008

Horse & Hound magazine - New design

There are masses of interesting blogs out there and I really like browsing through them. There are some I really like reading and spend well too much time on it. I also like to come across new interesting blogs and add them to my Favourite time consumers ;)
Anyway, I digress. On one of my 'browsing for intersting blogs' hours I found the one below.

The blog gives a very interesting feedback on the new Horse & Hound design and since I agree with most what is said there I thought I will mention it on here.

The author is a journalist so definitely have much more of a knack for analysis of this sort than I will ever have.
As to my personal opinion on the revamp: I do like it. I hope H&H will bring more unknown riders to the light as well as deepen the insight into the lives of top names, both riders and coaches.
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