Thursday, 28 February 2008

The outcome of the interview

Well, I won't keep you waiting with lengthy stories - I got offered the job and happily accepted it there and then as everything was exactly as I wanted it to be :)
From the 13th of March I will join the Instructors team at Hall-Place Equestrian Centre.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the team and the horses (and oh-my-god they have The most enormous stable cats on the planet! I will just have to take a picture for you to believe but they are absolutely humongous).
My ridden test was quite exciting. I expected some half-asleep riding centre ponio but got this big bay ex-advanced eventer (whose riders included the famous L. Law). The horse was in a very bouncy mood and it took me a few minutes to curb his exuberance; in the end he softened, let me put my legs on without shooting away and produced some lovely work. His canter was amazing, I could just imagine him cruising on a cross country course as if he could go on forever.

From what I gather most of the horses and ponies are pretty well schooled, used for BHS exams up to Stage IV, ABRS exams and very frequent in-house dressage and show-jumping shows (which apparently I can also compete in free of charge :).
My teaching is to include some staff lessons which I am very happy about as the career teaching is what interests me the most.
The best advantage of all is that I will receive free training to BHSI, opportunity to ride variety of horses and teach variety of clients from intermediate to advanced.

All in all, a great day and I am very excited about this new challenge.
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