Saturday, 10 January 2009

Busy, busy

The last few days have been rather busy and with one more teaching day added to my schedule I am feeling quite positive about my early 2009 plans.
The riding side of things isn't too bad either and I am managing to spend a couple of hours a day in the saddle on most days.


Pic.: Sunny Thursday afternoon - don't be fooled by the rays though, it was -3C...

Today was so amazingly cold but so beautiful with the world covered with frost as if someone dropped bags of white sugar everywhere. Or, like last night, hidden in a fog that seems to wrap itself around you and makes everything slightly unreal. Or with snow that drops in fluffy quantities so if you canter you are bound to see nothing.
Deers are coming so close and little robins add slashes of colours to the bare trees. I do end up frozen to the bones but still love it!

Went to have a look at a charming house to rent but various transport logistics might not allow us to go for it.
Talking about transport...! The First Great Western are taking the biggest mick so far with so many cancelled trains that I spend my evenings waiting forever at the stations for trains that never come! If I thought the delayed trains are a pain then I must say that I underestimated the problem with those that are actually cancelled...
On a good note my dear patient friend always waits with me and rescues me if the First Great Western decides to stop their services randomly with a 5 minutes notice making it impossible for me to get back home!
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