Sunday, 18 January 2009

Why write?

I am reading this book now (more on the author). There is this fragment in it that stayed with me for some time since I left the page it was on: [...] I'd see it and then I'd write about it as a way of understanding it better. That is what I always used writing for. To make sense of things [...].

The book has this woman-writer as one of the main characters and the reason the above sentences stayed with me is that they describe one my views on writing so well. I used to write a lot. Short stories, long stories, essays, non-classified pieces of "literary" fiction, you name it. I would just sit and write and disappear in my own world. Not for anybody to read, I guess I tend to think my floating thoughts are not necessarily interesting to anyone, but just for myself so I could see it from that written perspective.

I no longer write nearly as much but there are times, at evenings or nights, when I just feel like I have to translate all those thoughts into little black letters...I don't sort them, just let them flow and write them down. I re-read them later usually concluding to myself: "what on earth were you thinking?????" ;)

In a way, this blog is also here for the very reason of making sense of everyday events.
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