Sunday, 11 January 2009

What happened today

The ponies were wild for god knows what reason, one day I may just be able to figure out their peculiar brains. There is one particular pony that teaches my little riders quite spectacular ways of dismounting which make my heart travel all the way up my throat with the light speed!
Thankfully, everybody ended up back in the saddle without further problems.

I think I am a little bit tired after this week but happy nevertheless with how things are turning out. I was reading a book on train on way back home today, thought I would just close my eyes for a second only to find out a good 20 minutes later that I went pass my station. Not helpful ;)

Most of my regular riders are now back from Xmas/New Year holidays which is great. Got asked an interesting question by H. today: "What's the name of a big foot thumb?"...(we were talking about our toes freezing;)

I am dedicating my tomorrow's day off to my darling beast (i.e. Ricky) as I really haven't been much at home recently!
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