Monday, 12 January 2009

So the Tax Return deadline is around the corner

Right, I have now officially enrolled for Self Assessment Online service through the Government Gateway and once I get my Activation code or PIN or however they call it I will be able to file my tax return online. I went through all my invoices and expenses and think I am ready to let them take my hard earned money - Eek!
I am now covered in tons of receipts, train tickets, bus tickets you name it that I couldn't be bothered to sort out as the months went so I am trying to redeem myself and do some of this gruelling work of organising it all now.

Once I have done some more I am going to make some fabulous pancakes and hope you are all drooling now as they are just delicious. My Gran's secret recipe so cannot share I am afraid...;)

And here:

What was that about wanting to go freelance?????? Dealing with paperwork has never been my strong point...
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