Monday, 22 June 2009

Little Things - Big Thoughts

If hobbies were defined only as things we do for pleasure in our spare time then sleeping would be very high on my list. It was just fab to wake up at my normal getting up time and not actually have to get up, feel no pain and to just sweetly go back to sleep.
We had a lovely breakfast of fresh fruit and warm croissants and I set off to see my dentist. 
You know, I have always been after 'do what makes you happy' type of life and will always be but boy does reality slams you in the face sometimes. When I heard how much the fixing of my tooth will cost me I almost fell off the chair.  
This takes us to the title of this post. Those little things and events makes you look at the grand picture and wonder how ill constructed the world is. 

I am not going to be very creative by saying I really hate the way money rules so many aspects of our lives. I may think I won, doing what I love doing, refusing to subscribe to structured scenario of climbing the steps of career in Proper Jobs. I may think I escaped the rat race, the material possessions race, the vanity race.
But then I wake up and get a call from life that says: you know what, all is well when all is well but if you get into trouble you won't even know what had hit you. 
My thinking always has been that if you can use your brain, if you are good at what you are doing and if you know where you going you will be just fine. But is that so? 

Little Things. Big Thoughts. 
My biggest fear is a situation where I would have to give it all up and go for some totally unsuitable for me a job that would allow me to afford to eat, live under the roof and stay healthy. That would be the biggest failure I can imagine. 

And because I can't allow for that failure to happen I am having a serious Think Tank moments trying to decide on the best way forward. 
I am very aware that to be as good a trainer/coach/instructor as I want to be I actually have to decrease the amount of teaching I do for a while and focus on my own training as a rider. This is very, very tricky as it's the teaching that pays the bills...
I am thinking through various options though and will share my thoughts soon. After my Intermediate Teaching exam. 
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