Saturday, 13 June 2009

Week from Hell

As you can probably guess by no posts I've been having a Hell of a week. First, the Tube Strike, which messed up my commute so much I ended up leaving house super early and coming back close to 11pm. 
Then, as if that wasn't enough, I've been battling with a sudden toothache since Wednesday morning which is driving me crazy. Don't remember being in so much constant pain anytime recently and working/teaching through it was quite a challenge. Yesterday was the worst and I very nearly ripped the blooming thing out of my jaw. 
Had a couple of hours pain free today (which felt like heaven!!!) so managed to eat some solid food as oppose to smoothies and yogurts. 
I *think* it's getting better but I'm still going through some ridiculous amounts of painkillers to keep myself sane. 
Fingers crossed for at least few hours of uninterrupted sleep tonight and some pain free hours tomorrow. I don't have to start till 10am so hope to recharge a little.
Looks like I will spend my day off on a dentist's chair :( That will teach me not to stuff myself with kit kats and such likes!
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