Friday, 9 April 2010

Drugs Go In

Kingsley had the first course of Tildren given yesterday as well as having navicular bursa injections to medicate the joint and encourage healing.
He was quite uncomfortable on his feet today. Over time I'm getting used to observing variety of subtle differences of his discomfort or gait abnormalities and today it was definitely coming from his front feet. His walk was still good and he worked relatively well into both side reins with some tendency to avoid flexion still. We trotted for very short period of time as the gait looked quite choppy in front, if not stiff.
I watched him in the field and although he played happily he moved in that specific, careful way that indicates he wasn't fully comfortable.

He continues having full body massage sessions from Susanna to relieve the muscular tightness.
He also had his magnetic hoof boots (looking like overreach boots) on for 4 hours.

Heal little boy.
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