Friday, 16 April 2010

Busy Day

Pic. left: Kingsley ready for his lunge session (and spotting his own hair whirling on the floor - scary and loud blow-worthy).

I spent this morning on Academy chat with Jen, a freelance instructor who also works for Horse & Country TV (btw they will run Badminton coverage available free to watch !!)..I am having Jen involved in Academy's Training Programmes as she is a buzzing personality and as to H&C TV - watch this space ;)) More details soon!

Then off to the rest of a lovely day on yard work and relaxing physical work ;) Kingsley is looking better than ever but isn't very comfortable in trot. I kept him mostly in walk with about a minute of trot work.
Here are photos of his feet in new egg-bar shoes:

Video from today:

Work with Frankie followed. He is...very switched on about his life! He will need serious de-spooking before I sit on him as he almost had a heart attack when I sneezed.
He took a major objection to the lunge roller broncing for several rounds with his back up but settled in the end.
Umbrellas and tarpaulin will be called for action me thinks and he will have a police horse de-spook school.
His idea about lunge work is fast and furious but we got some normal work too in the end. As oppose to Kingsley who barges into side-reins and pulls on the contact, Frank is over cautious of the bit. He avoids the contact and would happily curl deep and round. I put the side reins on for the first time today so they are quite loose but even when he is above/behind the contact there was rarely any pressure on side reins.
First part of the video shows him running as something spooked him just a moment before I switched the camera on. We managed good amount of walking though and I was pleased with the silly man.

Lungeing done I took him for a walk in hand into the woods and his eyes were on stalks. Lots of snorting and ears pointing. Having said that he is tune in enough to where you are and very respectful of your space.
I will be lungeing them both tomorrow lunch time (that is if I manage to catch Frankie as he doesn't like leaving his grass paradise early!)
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