Saturday, 10 April 2010

Day Of Accidents - My Thoughts Go To Poland

As most of the world knows, there was an unprecedented plane crash that happened this morning and caused death to Polish President, Lech Kaczynski, and 97 other senior Polish figures:
The aftermath of this tragedy is overwhelming and although I'm far from being interested in politics it still makes me feel...? Hmm, not sure exactly...disturbed?

The whole of today was accident filled. I set off to work in the morning only to find all trains suspended due to fatality at Slough area.
Then, once I finally managed to get to the yard, we had a youngster (horse!) involved in a freak accident in her stable. She most likely rolled and somewhat managed to skin her hock and rip a large hole in it. She pushed her calcaneus bursa out through the skin...not a pretty sight. Her hock swelled substantially very quickly and in fact, it looked like bones in the hock shifted with one of the tarsus bone being pushed out at the back of the hock joint a quarter of an inch. Fortunately it wasn't the bone showing but the bursa. Not that it was such a good option. She had the joint flushed with saline solution for about an hour, got injected with antibiotics and had her hind leg put in a make shift cast alike Robert Jones' Bandage.
According to the vet, she has only about 30% of chances of getting out of this sound. That is IF the joint doesn't get infected...the vet is back tomorrow. She's only 3 years old though so let's hope she fights it off.
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