Thursday, 8 April 2010

April Plans & Academy's Next Step

Word of hindsight wisdom - if you're freelance, have a sicky fund ;) Not that I've got one but I would certainly like to have it.
As hard as it is not to be earning I decided to give my illness one more day as I continue having very little voice, jumpy temperature, cough and just generally feeling ill. I worked in similar states before but it always ended up dragging with me for weeks, disapearing for a moment only to return with double strength. Not worth it. I am fully aware I am not making it easy for myself working 7 days a week but right now I don't think I can do it any other way.

Right, onto the current whereabouts...

As I am now at the yard, lovely Cane End Stud, that kindly let's me use their facilities I can offer lessons for horse owners without them having to pay unrealistic amounts. I have two girls coming from London with their horses next week which I am looking forward to.
Speaking of teaching. Someone I taught once at one of my BHS exams contacted me to arrange for me coming for the day to her livery yard. Although I've done some 'training days' (don't want to call it 'clinics' as that's something top riders do!) for Riding Clubs before, this is the first properly paid teaching trip. I am very much looking forward to it and hope I can offer what the riders want/need.


I have just bought a domain and hosting account for the Academy and it's all getting more and more real!
(there isn't much there as yet) but do check back soon!

I now have to order some promo materials as well as place the adverts. Lady from Horse & Hound is due to ring me mid-April to help me with putting adverts online in the right places on H&H website. Then there are a few horsey magazines to consider on top of some non-horsey places to encourage people new to the sport.
If anyone out there knows of good places to advertise comprehensive Training Programmes for riders at all levels, adults and junior riders (12-18yrs old) from those first time in the saddle to affiliated competitors please email me at ridinginstructor at gmail com or leave a comment on here.

We will be looking to find riders with aspirations to get the best they can, improve their skills with help from a network of supporting coaching services. The Academy is partially venues based (riders without own horses can learn to ride/train at several participating Riding Centres in London, Berkshire, Kent & Surrey) partially mobile (any horse owner can have their training session at their yard providing the outside trainers/instructors are allowed). There will also be a possibility to attend training sessions on own horse at participating venues.
Descriptions of the Programmes will be released on the website on the 1st of May. To give you more of an idea here is the latest of each Programme in a nutshell:

Aspire Equestrian overview:

START - training focus here is 99% on the rider and the programme is designed as a start up for anyone who wants to begin their adventure with the sport. This is the only 'fixed' Programme and consists of 22 Lunge Lessons and is solely committed to seat education, development of balance & coordination.
Riders will also learn the basis of handling of the horses, stable management, equitation theory; we will also address rider's fitness and performance even at this early stage both for improvement but also for fun and enjoyment.
As well as providing a great start to the sport this programme can also be taken by:
-anyone wanting to re-educate their seat
-come back to riding after a long break/injury/accident
-BHS students needing to address their position in the saddle

FOUNDATION - roughly 75% rider focused, 25% horse focused. Level 1 & 2. This is a programme where most 'riding school' type riders would fit in. It's for novice/intermediate level riders learning correctness of the aids and principles of basic schooling of the horse (at Level 2).

DEVELOPMENT - roughly 65% rider training focused, 35% horse training focused.
=riders straight from Foundation Programme
=riders developing partnership with new/young horse
=riders learning to train their horse
=riders wanting to train towards 'start up' competitions (low levels unaffiliated)

PERFORMANCE - 50%/50% rider/horse training focus
=for competition riders wanting training plans to improve performance
=affiliated and higher levels unaffiliated
Some exciting plans are being made for this Programme :)

BHS Training - preparation for BHS exams for all aspiring coaches out there.

And the last news to share is that I have a possible riding project available and I'm figuring out ways to fit in riding him into my busy working schedule. Thankfully, there is a nice young rider who is happy to share the training workload with me. I will introduce the horse properly once we are up and running with it.

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