Saturday, 29 May 2010

Option No 3...

You may have read my waffle about a week ago on how to move forwards from the current situation. Here is a follow up to my little pondering Question Mark series.

I have had a bit of time to quietly consider variety of options and it was really helpful to read other people's views too. One message especially made me realise what really needs doing. As much as I would love to immerse myself in full-time proper training again it is simply not going to work. I simply can't afford it. If I wanted to pay for it - the amounts are impossible to summon. If I wanted to work in return for it - the pay wouldn't allow me to live in my own house, even if we moved out of London. The only affordable way of doing it would be via a live-in job which is out of question.
To those who suggested finding a place that a) lets me carry on my freelance teaching b) helps with competing c) helps with proper training d) pays enough for me to cover the bills - well, I would love to but I'm yet to find such place. If it exists (not just in theory, of those theoretical ones I found and have worked at quite a few) I will jump at a chance.

Having said that, there is just nothing out there more motivating, inspiring and driving as regular training is.
giving up trying to find a way to go back to training & competing would most likely mean a very depressing life for me.

Moving on, there is also the fact I absolutely love teaching. If I didn't I would try to get myself a nice, easy well paid job and do the riding & training as a serious hobby. As it is, the teaching and training other riders is what makes this job constantly challenging, interesting and stimulating for me. Developing the Academy into a successful, useful project is very much a priority.

All this considering, the only option viable is Option No 3 (scroll down for an older post to see what it was). How?
More waffling on Monday.
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