Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Sat on Frankie!

Frank was very good on the lunge today (even though he could have gone all wired up as his buddy Spider was being put through last fitness work before Chatsworth = flat out gallop/canter/flat out gallop etc, in the field neighbouring the arena). Several days of just walking seemed to have worked as all the trot work today was so much calmer. He is starting to work much calmer and his trot has consistent rhythm. I could actually work on opening him up into longer stride and back to his natural loose stride which after several goes helped him to stretch down and into the contact on the side reins. He is no longer backing off the contact but stretches long and low very well.

Seeing he worked so well I thought it was the time to sit on him...he was relatively unbothered about the mounting itself and stood content while being fed carrots ;) I then decided to put my dear life into Pauline's hands as she led me across the arena. The walking with the weight on was a bit too much for Frank and he was rather worried. We walked for about 20 metres, I say walked but it was more hopping up and down with back up. No bucking though.
As I know him better now and he does overreacts everything a bit new and scary I decided to to finish the session on that. We stopped him and waited till he relaxed a bit, ate one more carrot and I dismounted.
All exciting though! My heart was racing 100 bits per second ;)
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