Sunday, 9 May 2010

Make Your Own Kind Of Music

Saturday was a not too great a day on which I got knocked over my feet by a car on my way to work! It sounds dramatic but it really wasn't that bad and anyone who ever had a good few falls of a horse will know what I mean. It was a bit of a freak accident with all parties being all right in the end. Just in case this has knocked any common sense into me I did have myself checked over and spent the rest of the day napping at home. All good now.

Evenings seem to be the best time for me to write, the later the better. During a day my mind is just too busy and occupied with everything that's going on around.
In fact, all the Academy Programmes were written either very late in the evening or during the nights. I finished the final drafts of all 4 main programmes yesterday but I'm sure there will still be lots of little bits and pieces to change, add or take out - the work I enjoy the least.
I'm not entirely happy with all the content as I have a feeling I missed something out or didn't say it like I wanted it to be but I know my never-quite-satisfied nature by now and I let go. If you're a perfectionist you just have to learn to start things without trying to make sure absolutely everything is right as you would never start anything.

Back to Sunday life, today was a lovely day despite the weather refusing to be on our side. I'm seriously blown away by the improvement shown in some of my riders and although it would be easy to say it's down to my amazing teaching ;) the truth is they simply try their best and really do make an effort and that effort makes an unbelievable difference. In the world where a lot of people expect great results with little input, those who do work with you make this job absolutely the best.
Sometimes I watch them ride and think I wish we had horses that actually move properly and let the riders learn what they need to know, feel and experience to be better. On days like today though, I watch them and I think they are probably already experiencing, feeling and improving more than many who have better horse power.

As I video my riders a lot I've started to re-watch the recordings this time listening to what I was saying and then observing the effect it had on the rider. Many times I say things that are unnecessary and create too much clatter so hopefully some self-evaluation, however primitive, will give me some ideas as to how to make my teaching better.

In my twenties I didn't pay as much attention to the future as I suddenly do now and it's hard to say if it's better or worse. Too much dwelling on tomorrow doesn't do much to the enjoyment of today, yet there is some pleasure to be had from knowing we are walking in the right direction.
Following one's dream is a wonderfully hard work...

But you've got to...

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