Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A case of a minute detail and working with a purpose

Sometimes it can take 30 minutes of meaningful adjustment to change one little thing that helps to change it all.
I'm continuing to try to find a core issue in my riders that I suspect cause the problems with their progress, pass these problems to Kari who will work as Academy's chiropractor, and hope for the best ;)
We are all trying to make a difference in the horses bodies by correct training. Every rider who learned how to ask for poll flexion to the inside for the first time will know how this barely perceivable movement changed the way they can position their horse entirely. Tiny movement and such power over balance, weight distribution, quality of movement. On that basis, it seems possible that a minute, hardly visible yet very precise change in the way we use some muscles, position the pelvis or a shoulder can potentially change our control over own body.

And the fact is, it does. We had a very exciting session today where some very small adjustments on the ground addressing the way the rider tried to achieve neutral pelvis position and upper body stability, improved the effectiveness and the seat of the rider immediately. I can't tell you how amazing the result was and what fantastic effect it had on a horse. I hoped it would be and I somewhat suspected it would help but I didn't expect such dramatic and powerful change.

The rider performance tools are on the increase at the moment. Horsey mags publish a lot about complementary exercises, video analysis, Pilates etc etc
With the Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy iinitiative coming out of hiding this month I couldn't ask for a better media awareness action ;)
We might not be reinventing the wheel and there might not be anything particularly unusual about what Academy will offer but it's exciting to think how much positive change it can potentially bring to an ambitious rider's life...

Sometimes I wish I had better capacity for tiredness and still remain reasonably alert but unfortunately it doesn't work this way. Despite my attempts at getting everything ready as soon as possible I have to let myself rest from time to time. My mind just draws a blank and I can be so tired that even putting together a simple sentence feels like a hardship.
I dream about a week of SPA at some gorgeous setting with a massage every day. swimming and reading. Perhaps some time in the winter...for now it still doesn't feel like I've deserved a proper break!

It will get busier.
I'm taking on another project/play horse, a 6 year old mare who is unbacked and not very arena savvy to say the least. I spent some time with her on Monday making her look a bit more presentable as the length of her mane could probably get her placings in Mountain & Moorlands classes...She's a TB type, about 16.2hh, I will snap some pics soon.
Frankie is doing really well, there are moments when I think he is starting to enjoy himself and worry less about life. We are playing with poles on the ground, he first jumps them as if they were Trakehners 3ft high and 3ft deep, then settles and trots over in a reasonable fashion. He is an extremaly likeable character despite the dramatic outlook on the world. I will sit on him very soon.
Kingsley boy on the other hand is a typical one step forwards two steps back scenario. Perhaps he is going through a 'terrible 6's' scenario as he throws a lot of teenage tantrums and is not making himself very popular. He is in bad books right now!

So it's busy but rest assured there is method to this madness. It's called progress ;) I'm making use of the opportunities I have to work with those young horses as it makes me more observant and switched on.

Two regular teaching days now ahead doing green horses in the evening, then off to help at Hambleden International on Friday, more watching work for me ;)
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