Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Few days in the land of dreamers

Pic. above: Saturday morning, breakfast at 11am and reading time - bliss :) Ricky convinced me to buy David Attenborough's biography and I am loving the book. Funny though, when you let your mind deal with unrelated thoughts, the problem-solving ideas pop into your head almost automatically.
Pic. above: View from our patio.

I'm back but as currently no time for proper update, here are a few snapshots from the weekend. It was fabulous and relaxing. I had a lot of time to just rewind and quietly think things through. Ideally, I would love to have several more days but let's not be greedy ;) Full update soon and in the meantime thank you to all who has taken the time to email me, left a comment on here or message on Facebook, it's all really appreciated and an invaluable food for thoughts.

The rocks and dramatic coastline they create is fascinating!
More waffling soon, back to work now!
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