Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Day 27: London and Horse Business 2015

I am listening to the above webinar at the moment and just making a short break to say hello :) It's been a great day teaching in London, I hauled numerous poles covered in slugs into the arena for some cavaletti fun. Dragging the stuff around sure keeps you warm ;) We had a brilliant sunshine today actually, one of those fresh, bright days that were invented especially for riders.

For novice and intermediate riders, cavaletti give purpose to many arena figures and make riders aware of various details that they might otherwise miss - like losses of rhythm, energy, impulsion.

My plan is to spice up February a little and introduce regular Barebruary elements to the winter lessons ;) We started already two weeks ago with some riders and continued today - nothing gives the rider a better feel than taking the saddle off for parts of the lesson...

I then spent the evening working on one of my little projects which I will tell you about very soon!

If you would like to watch the webinar I mentioned at the beginning, here is the LINK to it.

Until tomorrow :)
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