Saturday, 31 January 2015

Day 31: Rowers, talents, stats and nutella :)

It might be that it is true what they say about childhood memories. You know, that bit where supposedly everything seem to last very long when you are 7 or 8 but is closer to a seven blinks of an eye when you get older.
When I was seven and woke up to snow outside the windows, that snow stayed for a month or two. Today the snow was there at 8am, all white and cold and wintry just as a snow is. I then got on a train and travelled for about an hour to arrive at a rainy platform. 
I taught in the rain and patchy snowfall as if the place couldn't decide whether it was autumn or winter, and then arrived back at the station from which I set off to be greeted with a low yet still bright orangey sunlight glittering on everything that snow was no longer on. 

Walking back home...
I made it through the first daily blogging month, how hard can it be to carry on ;) So many little moments that one can dress into words and leave on here for a few people to read. Like the fact, that I like watching the rowing boats out on the river. They row at all times of day, all weathers. I don't know much about rowing at all but feel somehow inspired by their even, relentless water journeys. They are there when I walk in the mornings, sometimes barely visible in the misty fog that gathers over the river, they are there when I walk back, coach's voice over the tannoy spurring them to make corrections. Sometimes moving smooth and silent, sometimes with a novice splash and ragged course. 

Someone once told me that you don't need much talent for rowing - you just need to turn up for training and do your best. I don't think they were right. Turning up in life and trying one's best in what one does in whatever circumstances is one of the rarest talents I see...

My fab riders today braving the rain and cold :) Talent is overrated, it's the hours in the saddle, being with horses in all conditions and developing empathy with them that make real riders,,,
It was a great month, eleven more to come and hopefully each one will beat the other in some ways :) My little Aspire Equestrian coaching blog has grown as per my plan and had over 14.000 views and over 10.000 visitors this month! I am over the moon that so many people have found something worth their time on there and I hope to double that by March! :) 

Tomorrow is my day off teaching and I look forward to a lie in, cup of tea and Nutella on toast in bed and some reading (real printed reading ;) 

Until tomorrow!

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