Saturday, 3 January 2015

The joy of a drench!

In London in the rain today. You can't really avoid wetness and mud on British Isles. The rain is a signature part of a climate here ;) I got a mighty drench today but thankfully I have learned by now to have many layers on when teaching outside and a second change of clothes handy with me.
I do have a rather strange love hate relationship with bad weather - it doesn't make life easy but in many ways saturates its colours (no pun intended!).
Just think about that lovely hot bath or a shower, dry clothes and warm meal afterwards - simple things that feel extraordinary when missed and that make you feel very much alive.

My way of dealing with bad weather is denial of any trouble! Smile and ride on :)

Now, in vein of there is no bad weather just bad clothes, I do need to get some new overtrousers or long chaps. Don't really have the budget for this great set (love them, so comfortable and great for riding young/sharp horses as material isn't noisy) so I am pondering on checking out some outdoor shops for ski wear sale.
If you got any good waterproof gear recently let me know - doesn't have to be equestrian specific!

What's your view on being out there in the rain?

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