Thursday, 20 December 2007

Olympia London International Horse Show 2007: Dressage/Grand Prix Freestyle to Music

As usual Olympia delivered a wonderful show and I enjoyed every minute of the Tuesday's Grand Prix Freestyle.
Below are some videos and pictures (click on a picture to enlarge); for more, click HERE.

Anky Van Grunsven masterclass was in fact just a 10 minutes display kept light and with a humor.

anky masterclass

Anky's mastercalss videos (as you will notice there were plenty of ignorant people parading in and out during the show as if they could not wait for an interval):

Video 1

Anky Van Grunsven Masterclass 1

Video 2

Anky Van Grunsven Masterclass 2

Video 3

Anky Van Grunsven Masterclass 3

Video 4

Anky Van Grunsven Masterclass 4

Video 5

Anky Van Grunsven Masterclass 5

Video 6

Anky Van Grunsven Masterclass 6

Video 7

Anky Van Grunsven Masterclass 7

Video 8

Anky Van Grunsven Masterclass 8

Starting Order and Results

1) 20:10 Julia Chevanne & Calimucho FRA - 70.050%

Julia Chevanne & Calimucho

2) 20:19 Michal Rapcewicz % Randon POL - 67.800%

michal rapcewicz randon

3) 20:28 Emile Faurie & Dream of Heildelberg I GBR- 68.300%

Emile Faurie & Dream of Heildelberg I - 68.300%

4) 20:37 Evi Strasser & Quantum Tyme CAN - 70.450%

Evi Strasser & Quantum Tyme - 70.450%

5) 20:46 Iryna Lis & Problesk BLR - 66.400%

6) 20:55 Jeroen Devroe & Paganini BEL - 72.200%

Jeroen Devroe & Paganini - 72.200%

7) 21:04 Anna - Katharina Luttgen & Zancor GER - 70.650%

8) 21:13 Dahl Anders & Afrikka DEN - 73.550%

9) 21:32 Carl Hester & Dolendo GBR - 73.100%


Carl Hester & Dolendo - 73.100%


Carl Hester & Dolendo again

10) 21:41 Stephanie Coxford & Mr. President GBR - 71.150%


11) 21:50 Alex van Silfhout & Luxform's Nimbly NED - 72.200%

luxforms nimbly alex van silhout

12) Aat van Essen & Premier NED - 72.050%

premier aat van essen

13) 22:08 Anky Van Grunsven & IPS Salinero NED - 83.050%

anky and salinero


Anky Van Grunsven & IPS Salinero

Anky Van Grunsven & IPS Salinero

Anky Van Grunsven & IPS Salinero - 83.050%

14) 22:17 Laura Bechtolsheimer & Mistral Hojris GBR - 72.450%


laura and mistral hojris

15) 22:26 Kyra Kyrklund & Max FIN - 76.500%

kyra kyrklund and max

I loved Kyra's test - she and Max just danced together as if no one was watching.

Show Jumping on Saturday - World Cup Qualifier - Some great pictures from Olympia Show Jumping on HERE.


Beckz said...

I must say that Ankys methods of training her horses really makes me dislike her. Even in the videos you can see the horse overbending and pushing off two back feet in the trot. Judges never notice though.

Suzie said...

One of the most controversial points in dressage! I wouldn't personally use Anky's methods, but she and Sjef know what they're doing. What is terrible is when people who don't know what they're doing overbend their horses continually. In dressage you have to be able to put the horse's head and neck wherever you want to. I can't see that much evidence of her horses overbending here - she is a good enough rider to be able to bring their heads up when she wants to. I don't think she spends a great deal of time in the 'rollkur' - people tend to lose sight of the rest of her methods and only focus on this one.

It's a tricky subject. Her horses look healthy and happy to work. That has to say something.

Unknown said...

I personally think Anky is a very unique sort of rider with unique methods that work for her horses. From what I have seen on Tuesday she didn't ride in rollkur at all; she did stretch Painted Black low and deep but picked him up after just a few steps and it was obvious she could ask the horse to position its head at any 'setting' she so wished.
People who copy her seem to either not understand how and what she is doing or they simply don't want to.
Having said all that I prefer classical methods and would never attempt to ride a horse in rollkur.
The latter is indeed a subject of a very heated debate not only in dressage but also in show-jumping environment from where rollkur originated.
Actually, I bought an interesting book on this: 'Tug of War: Classical versus "Modern" Dressage'by Dr. Gerd Heuschmann and am planning to read it during Christams hols.

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