Monday, 31 December 2007

New Year's Eve

After a lazy morning Ricky and I set off to the yard. I was quite surprised he actually agreed to
come along as he normally stays as away as possible ;) It was definitely great to be back into the
saddle and although I am still struggling with Hamlet and our sessions are far from smooth, I really enjoyed myself :)
Pic left.: On the way up the top field

Coming back home was less enjoyable as we realised we didn't think of the time the shops close on New Year's Eve! I planned to cook a nice dinner but we ended up doing a Big Improvisation meal which actually turned out mega tasty :)
As Ricky just have to do everything differently than everybody else we opened out Champagne while munching on Big Improvisation ;)

Although the New Year and its big plans haven't yet truly started I took a little step towards them by putting up a couple of adverts. I am dreading the busyness of my week as it can get pretty hectic with the clients I have already but I just have to try and see how I get on. So, I put one advert on YardAndGroom and one on BHS website Both have given me a very good response about a year ago.

Ok, off I pop now for a second helping of Champagne and some last minute celebrations :)
Happy New Year!!

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Laura said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my mule blog! Have a wonderful New Year! Laura

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