Monday, 28 April 2008

The bits and their action

A rather bad attempt at sorting out a different bitting for show-jumping for Hamlet prompted me to re-visit an excellent site which gives a very informative explanation on action of various bits:

I tried Hamlet in a two ring gag today and to say he hated to jump in it is an understatement. All the work I have done on his rhythm and approach to the jump seemed to be gone and only after we moved the reins to the bit ring had he regained the composure. Poor man, I won't try to show-jump in that one again!
I am very much a snaffle person and am very wary of any changes of bits unless absolutely necessary. I am glad we tried as at least we know it is a no-no and the way to go is just concentrate on schooling the canter, balance and rhythm. I would, however, consider that bit going XC as it was definitely offering much more speed control in comparison to Hamlet's everyday snaffle.

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Beckz said...

Man bitting horses is a constant conflict, so much changing and switching trying to get it right, then once you do they need it changed again. Bollocks!

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