Friday, 4 April 2008

Spring clean

On my days off from teaching I always ride Hamlet and we had an interesting session today ;) More on it on Hamlet's training blog: 'Who is more patient' schooling session ;)

Just so it doesn't look as if I am only out and about doing horses 24/7 I actually did a lot of tidying up in our house! It was such a glorious day that I couldn't help but put myself through 'spring clean' paces. I started with the patio and did a little assessment on my plants...Sadly not all of them survived the winter. Their death has more to do with the visiting squirrels than cold though! For some reason, little grey monsters like the taste of my Phormium tenax!

The ivy is doing well but that is to be expected, that plant is just non destroyable ;) Don't get me wrong, I really like it.

Now, the one on the picture left is my little mystery. It was given to me by my dad who is a passionate gardener (meaning he grows everything everywhere driving my mum nuts as the pots take every available space in their house). So this little plant, Hydrangea macrophylla, sort of dies in winter and gets re-born in the spring. Last year, I thought that was it, I killed it. I couldn't make myself to throw it away so it stayed in the pot looking stupid but it grew lovely green leafs last April.
This year, little plant is going to get some special food (supplied by dad!) and I will see if it grows the flowers as well as the leafs...which has just started to show.

Since I have been so good with all this cleaning I decided to be a good housewife and catch up with washing Ricky's clothes.
That went so well that I even managed to wash his mobile phone which he left in his jeans...OOOPS!


Rising Rainbow said...

I need to get working on my spring work with flowers as well. I have an open house in late summer and have all kinds of pots that go out to the barns etc IF I get them started this time of the year.

Food is good for your hydrangea, btw, it might actually flower. That would be cool.

Unknown said...

I really like flowers in the stables :)
My hydrangea had flowers when I got it, it looked gorgeous. Never since though, I am bad flower mum!

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