Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Wednesday Whereabouts

It was an interesting day today. I started with a group jumping lesson with my regular clients which I really enjoy and seeing them improve is fantastic. That was followed by yet another jumping lesson, this time with someone training towards her BHS Stage 2.
My third lesson of the day was one of the most peculiar of all for some time! It was with a beginner (4th-5th lesson) 19 year old who told me has had a bad day and she wasn't really up for riding. She works at the centre (but not with horses) so I suggested that she re-book for another day but for many reasons that wasn't an option. Hmm. We continued in a very low key manner but every now and then she just kept repeating she didn't feel like riding. This for me is a recipe for total boredom as there is nothing more brain numbing as teaching someone who couldn't care less.
We somehow managed to get to three quarters of an hour when we attempted one of a few changes of rein. Due to the rider being a novice the horse didn't quite obey and they continued walking straight instead of turning. At this point the girl announced she has had enough and started getting off the horse in walk onto the right side of the horse...I asked what was she doing and she said she really didn't want to ride and proceeded to jump off and walked out of the arena. Nice. Those stroppy teenagers these days!

The second part of my day was rather interesting with two hours training with the FBHS Patrick Print. This man is like a walking equestrian encyclopedia! For the ridden part I got to work a rather overgrown Connemara (15.1hh-15.2hh) who started off so lazy I thought I would loose my legs. He woke up nicely though and I definitely need to ride more horses that need pushing as I am getting complacent on all the hot demons I seem to have been riding recently. The little horse made me work hard but it was rewarding to ride him once he softened and started yielding to the pressure.

The theory section was on various topics on jumping training and was geared towards the BHSI Equitation & Teaching exam which I am still way away from taking but found it much more engaging than the training to my current exams.

I am feeling so impatient and knowledge greedy at the moment. I wish I could train more and take those exams sooner.
Oh, well.


Rising Rainbow said...

I can't even imagine teaching a student who doesn't want to learn. What's the point?

Beckz said...

I cannot believe the girl getting off her horse. Unbelievable.

Unknown said...

I was rather shocked too. She actually came to me today and apologised saying she knew it was a very, very childlish thing to do.

Anonymous said...

At 19 years old, she should know better than that. If you really don't want to ride - cancel the lesson and don't get on at all! Unbelieveable. And especially don't get off with the horse not listening. What does that teach? sigh. You have the patience of a saint, Wiola.

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