Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Teacher training, XC with Uni club and bit of riding

I arrived at the yard this morning to be welcomed by this view  ;) 

Later in the day, old membrane goes:

Pics. above: Brand new membrane, brand new surface - yay!!!! We are having whole arena re-done completely as it was no longer weather proof!

The moment I looked at the day list today I knew I was going to have a fab day...spent whole morning training S. who prepares for her PTT exam with us. I actually find running those teacher training sessions really useful as a preparation for my own Intermediate Teaching exam in July. Assessing someone else's teaching really makes you think how you evaluate an instructor's performance and how to give feedback that will be of some use. 
We went through the lecture subjects (here's a link to what we focused on: General Guidelines for the Preliminary Teaching Test lecture/presentation) it was a very enjoyable brain storming hour, the more you discuss things the more options and ideas you generate. 
With the UKCC embracing equestrian qualifications there is an increased emphasis on non- sport- specific coaching knowledge. I personally think it should help to raise profile of equestrian coaching, of anyone involved in teaching riding and of coaching as a career. 

Then more practical teaching concentrating on the lunging and flatwork. It really is super educating to evaluate and feedback on another instructor's teaching, nothing gets you to think about your own teaching better than that! 
The best thing is that this whole assessing develops the listening skills; I always try to make sure my feedback is relevant and as accurate as possible. 

After lunch I spent two hours teaching Reading University Riding Club and what a super time that was ;) They are now in the middle of their preparations for the Mini-Badminton event we are running for them in June and we are practising the XC element...
Everybody is getting better and better but we still have little mishaps happening...
The Picture The Story

Me (running up the hill through the woods): Joy, how on earth did you manage to end up over there!!?? (shocked me, only told Joy to jump a little log but she promptly continued over palisade, up the steps and over barbed wire! Thank god horse had enough common sense to stop before attempting to jump the latter...)
Joy: I don't know...- Joy looking rather overwhelmed, bewildered.
Me: Are you all right? Can you move your legs? Toes? 
yes to all questions. Phew. Joy still looking out of it.
Me (got to see the bright side, it was quite incredulous): Would you like a picture? - Joy immediately livens up, quickly reaches towards her head - Wait!! - panic stricken voice - got to get my hair sorted...(as you do!!!)

Uni lessons done and a super end of the day schooling mad ginger thing. Gave her a thorough groom extracting enormous quantities of hair out of the pony - she's still moulting like hell but thankfully starting to look less like a mammoth and more like a pony. 
Then off we went for a 45 minutes of hard work and she is definitely settling down quicker now, listens more and is less stressy about life. 
I think I am riding her tomorrow again.


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