Sunday, 20 September 2009

Black Comedy

Pic. Lunchtime Snooze today.

black comedy
This is a dark comedy where a light humored touch is applied to very dark and serious subject matter in order to ease the pain or make some specific point by juxtaposing the humour and the sadness.

I know I'm in trouble when I have a nap on a train, wake up, it's light outside, we're still travelling and I don't remember if I am going to or from work...That's when I know for sure life is on a long play and I only have a short play function.
I have days when I over analyse way too much and dig myself a silly black hole. I tend to leave a doubtful pleasure of dealing with this part of my character either for myself to contend with or to very few close people. Ricky would know something about it ;)
Sometimes though, when you look back at the proceedings you just got to appreciate the comedy value in what seems like a tragic turn of events at a time. What is a comedy anyway if not a well timed laughter at life's mishaps.
So anyway, a few words on the last few days. I spent Friday and Saturday running Training Days. Both were very enjoyable and the riders seem to have loved the experience. However, as I haven't slept that greatly due to all the worries I had gone through those days in a light haze of an undersleeper (is that a word?).
I kept mixing up the names of the horses (which wasn't really that much of a problem), then mixed and matched my riders names too (bit of a confusion) but had to really give myself a punch when I started calling my riders using the names of their horses. No good unless I am under informed and Toffee is a legitimate female name?

My free time was dedicated to digging in materials on equine lameness. I watched some gruesome videos on You Tube after which Kinglsey seems sound as a pound and I wonder what are we making all this fuss about.
I've also been digging in materials on podiatry, trimming and shoeing and yet again watched some horrendous footage. This in mind, Kingsley's feet are just fine. In fact, we might win some rosettes if there ever were Feet Turn Out classes invented. We use this Hoof & Sole Naf product and it gives his feet a luxurious purple tint. Great.

I continue to spend my lunchtimes playing with the poo. It's somewhat relaxing and almost hypnotising however odd it sounds. We use Equizorb which seems to have been designed to take your mucking out experience to the next level. You spend fascinating amount of time fishing for yet more poos in a sea of never-ending masses of flour like particles of the product. I think it should be re-named 'Find Me If U Can'.
If you starting to get excited about finding that yet another bit of poo and getting it out of your horse's bed you know some medicines are due.

Kingsley takes to his confinement just fine, eating hay, bran mash and his lovely drugs. Tomorrow is his last helping to them so we shall see if there is any improvement. The puffiness of the legs went down considerably after I started cold hosing it twice a day. Pauline did him today and said there was even less swelling.
He seems happy and alert and interested in life. As you do when you're young and everything is done for you.

Today's teaching was as usual, on a Sunday, a very happy state of affairs. I got rescued by Suzanne in the morning so I could start the day on time. There is art in never being late when using public transport. I haven't mastered it as yet.
Having done some creative mixing and matching we created two group lessons for children which left a very needed slots for our regular adult riders. In fact, thanks to this manoeuvre we slotted in a couple of beginner riders who is hugely entertaining. Unfortunately, L. told me she had a look at my blog and added that if she ever sees herself on it she will kill me. Understandably I decided not to film any of her antics on horseback. This is rather sad as her lessons might be quite a treat for all beginners and prove that just anyone can do it.
L.'s boyfriend on the other hand is proving to me that my 14 years of teaching experience still isn't enough to teach him rising trot. More studying for me, me thinks.
I admit to having a bit of a snooze at lunch time letting the sunshine warm up my tired joints. Winter is what I never wait for. Which reminds me, I need to find and order some really good waterproof overalls. I am on the mission to avoid colds this year!

Baring in mind all the tiredness I jumped into a nice relaxing bath upon my return home in the hope to rebuild any intricate regeneration processes still present in my body. It helped a lot. I am now contemplating waxing my legs as due to me taking time to decide whether to wax or just shave I seem to have grown a nice coat on them. The thing with waxing your legs is that you have to tear and rip and it just sounds painful, doesn't it?

Anyway. I really ought to go and have some rest.


Anonymous said...

Waxing, not - life is too short! Busy, busy, busy you are - try to build in a few moments of relaxation. Hope to hear that Kingsley is improving.

Patricia Reszetylo said...

Getting excited about poo just shows you're a dedicated horse person. I too find it interesting - you can learn a lot about a horse just by examining his stall.

Unknown said...

Haha indeed. painful!
Managed to have some quality resting time today. And Mr. Trouble's legs seem a tad better too!

gina said...

Teaching and being out in the cold and the damp- to me the only cure is a hot bath. I can never seem to warm all the way through after being in the indoor for four hours on a damp/cold day.

Agree on the stall cleaning meditation.

Unknown said...

I agree Karma Anais - hot bath is the only thing that defrosts me in winter!

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