Saturday, 26 September 2009


I am spending my evenings on browsing veterinary articles. Feeling tired I must say. Teaching packed day with all sorts of clients from private to group lessons and my throat is feeling the strain of constant talking, repeating, explaining and trying to fight with dust and distance. Took some of my lessons into one of our paddocks as indoor school became so dusty I could physically feel myself inhaling the particles!
The field was lovely but is massive. I tried to get the riders to come to me, set the exercises and then let them get on with them which helped a little.
Decided to clean and dry Kingsley's box in between my lessons which was an interesting organisational game. He was rather pleased to stand in the sunshine munching on hay and watching Saturday's hassle and bustle while I emptied his stable and let the floor dry out completely.
I then spend my lunch break washing his mane and tail from all the scruff and flaky skin he had and giving him a very thorough groom.
Grabbed some food with me and took him for a 10 minutes grazing in-hand. He was rather interested in my pasta but got on with the grass in the end.

I am much more into well balanced diet than supplements but gave in and got him NAF D Tox and Garlic Powder, mixed it with his evening portion of chaff and he ate it as if I had given him some deluxe feed stuffs.

A couple of weeks ago, one of the best Dressage trainers in the UK send me a message inviting me to spend a day at her yard watching the training and as my current luck would have it
her nearest available date is the day I run a Training Day for my very regular super riders which I just can't cancel :(
I will gamble my fortune and ask for other possible days :)

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Kerry said...

I love that saying! (If you think...) It is our favorite, my husband even sports it on his favorite t-shirt.

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