Saturday, 24 October 2009

Hyperflexion: Blue tongue World Cup video. How bad is bad for the Dressage World???!

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KWPN Stallion Watermill Scandic ridden by Swedish Patrik Kittel during a two hour session of various degrees of hyperflexion at the World Cup dressage qualifier in Odense, Denmark. Early on in the session, the horse's tongue has turned blue and limp and flops out of the stallion's mouth. Stopping the horse, the rider leans forward and fixes the problem, using the hand furthest from the camera. After this, the session is continued for a minimum of 90 minutes in the same way. This pair is trained by Dutch chef d'equipe, Sjef Janssen, who was present at the warm up arena.


Stephanie - Siouxzeegirl Designs said...

That video is very, very BAD for the dressage world.

KMD Photog said...

That's horrible. It is very very bad for the dressage world, but by me it is a common occurance. :(

Unknown said...

This is very bad, but just look at the other horses being ridden at the same time - the majority of them are also in Rollkur. So WHY does the FEI not stand up and BAN this at all competition venues. Stretch them down and out by all means, but this is NOT right!
Sign the petition in and maybe something will eventually be done.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh that's awful.

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