Thursday, 10 December 2009

Kinglsey's road to soudness? Bringing Back To Work Day 1

I've lunged Kingsley today (and will post a video as soon as I've uploaded it from my phone - the problem is my phone's software doesn't work with my new computer's mega newest software and my old computer takes about 25 minutes to switch on and another 2.5h of crashing before it manages to perform the simplests of tasks) and he looked EVEN!
I kept him on a large circle for about 5 minutes on each rein, walk and trot (about 2.5 minutes of each). He moved with much more freedom than 2 months ago, positevely rhythmic and level.
However, his body work is very crooked on both reins, a problem which I hope will be only a schooling/physio problem.

Got to rest now. Running one my Training Days tomorrow day time then Rick and I are off to have a look at a potential new house in the evening. Exciting :)


Anonymous said...

Thats a positive start! - fingers xed it continues.

Jackie said...

Woohoo! Glad to hear Kingsley's first day back in work looked good. It is no fun having an unsound horse ... especially for that long and without a great idea of what's wrong. Hopefully all his time off gave him what he needed to heal and he'll be as good as new and ready to start this journey with you.

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