Saturday, 19 December 2009

Reminds me of home

Somewhere in between the painful cold and the frozen arenas all this snowy aura warms me from inside. It looks homey :) There is no turn out in Kingsley's field at the moment as roads are slippery and ground frozen so the boy got his walkies in the indoor school and a little wonder around in the snow.

Despite all the problems to do with the weather my rider on Training Day worked her socks off which made for very productive set of sessions. Shame she can't ride every day, I am always curious how good motivated and committed people could get if they ride more ;)

I am having a good look at nutrition info as we need to build Kingsley's muscles up without making him fat and excitable. A little bit by accident he is put on Spillers Cool Fibre to go with his Baileys No 4 and I am hoping that this combination will work well together once I get the amounts up from trace amounts to proper build up portions. At the moment I am reluctant to feed him up as all he does is go out for several hours in the field. He seems to love Spillers fibre and eats it all up in minutes. He lost a lot of condition and muscles (the little he had) since September (i.e. since he's been out of work) so it will be a slow process.

There is a lot of things to see to before we set off for Xmas in Cheshire - I need to organise a lot of housework type stuff which isn't my strong point to put it mildly...;)


Barbara Fox said...

Hi Wiola,
I've been enjoying your blog posts.
I wanted to tell you about a follow up video to the "Effects of the Crest Release" that I have posted. It's called Jumping Ahead US Horsemanship. It's on you tube or you can view it on my other blog under the article Crest Release - Jumping Ahead. I'd appreciate your comment on it.
Thank you for letting me know about your blogs and web. They are very informative and are good reading.
Barbara Fox at US Horsemanship

Savannah Brentnall said...

I saw a link on facebook for a feed analysis site called You enter the names of the feeds you use and it tells you the nutritional content, including the stuff you're missing. I just adjusted my horse's feed after it showed he was low on Vit E, which I would never have known.

I don't work for them at all--just passing on the info. I think it's $5 for a full report.

Savannah Brentnall said...

Forgot to mention--I also have a horse with an SI injury. He flipped on the trailer ramp while loading for a show and tore his SI ligament. It took a year to heal, but after doing stem cell therapy, he's returned to full work. It's now 2 yrs since the injury and he's stronger than even, working well at 3rd level and with every expectation of an FEI career.

Just a little ray of hope. :)

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