Friday, 4 December 2009

Surprise message from Horse Hero and something seriously not funny

Horse Hero, a great site with some excellent training videos among many other interesting content, emailed me saying they read my earlier post on shadowing Anna Ross Davies and they wondered whether I would want to embed a video interview with her.
As the site operates a subscription (£17.25 a year) I thought I will go for it so all of you who read my blog can have a look for free :)

Here we go, let's hope it works:

filmed some great training videos with Anna too but they couldn't send me the code so I guess if you want to see them you would need to pay. Tough I know. I am hoping Santa might bring me the subscription this Xmas ;) Here is a link to the training/schooling videos (they have FREE trailers):

Now, it's seriously not funny having your heating breaking down in the middle of the winter!!! It's the second evening in the cold :( Fortunately the plumber says he found what's wrong with it so hopefully he will repair it tomorrow.
Having to wash in cold water (oh yes, did I mention our water and heating are somewhat connected so if there is no heating there is no hot water either?) after whole day out is pushing it. Having said that, my feet were so cold when I came back I didn't even notice the water being of diffrent temperature...I am sitting here with hot water bottle by my side, in 2 pair of socks and a little heater on full blast.
Fun, fun, fun...NOT!


HorseOfCourse said...

Wiola, I just wanted to say that I have made a post out of your last comment on my blog, and it has turned into a very interesting discussion about instructors/trainers. You're welcome around to chime in. I did not think about you being one when I wrote the post, it just turned out that way, but it might be of interest?

Unknown said...

Thank you, I'm coming over with some tea to read it :)

HorseOfCourse said...

Anna Ross Davies sounds like a very sympathetic person, by the way.
Must have been a very interesting day you had!

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