Sunday, 20 June 2010

Video Preview of What Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy's Assessment Days look like

I put together this short video as part of my movie making training ;) I am hoping that if I try to make at least several videos, the ones I have to put on the main website will be at least semi-watchable. I think my first one was actually a little better but as it doesn't include the footage of the rider on her own horse it will have to wait for more comprehensive additions before being made public.

Here is a little preview of what the Academy's Case Studies are going through :)

VENUE: Hall-Place Equestrian Centre & Cane End Stud

Annette Assessment Day 19th June 2010 from Aspire Equestrian on Vimeo.

I didn't include much of the actual sessions on purpose but if anybody is interested we will be posting much more extensive footage of Annette's and Pocholo's training on the Academy website. We will follow them over the next 4-5 weeks while they are going through their Training Plan.

To book your own assessment day go to and drop me an email. Full website for the Academy will be online soon, I know I keep saying this but I promise it's not long now! If you like the idea please join our Facebook Page and help us become known to more dedicated, ambitious and aspiring grassroots riders!

Please feel free to share your comments and movie making tips!



English Rider said...

Good stuff! Visible progress. Stay a little longer at the end. No time to read goals.

Unknown said...

Thank you! Will try to figure out how to extend the end time.

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