Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Kingsley's Feet Growing Own Way...

31st October 2010

You can see a centimeter or so of the new horn growing from the coronet. Note the different angle to the "old" hoof angle...

Kingsley is hairy and furry but seems to be loving his Rehab Retreat! Nic took a longer footage of him walking so I will leave it up to her to draw more conclusions. Keep checking Rockley's blog for more updates: http://www.rockleyfarm.blogspot.com/ :)

From what I see on some videos I watched on Pauline's camera he is moving straighter with his right front and is not moving it outwards as much as he did 3 weeks ago. He also seems to be loading each front leg more equally while in the shoes he landed heavier on his right fore than on the left fore.
His is currently short striding on the hard surfaces which is to be expected but free moving on the grass.
All in all, still too early to say whether the changes are going to improve him as a ridden horse but they are certainly happening.

And here is just a a cheerful photo of Pauline, Kingsley boy and I at Rockley:


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Anonymous said...

He looks like such a sweetie - hope things come right for him.

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