Sunday, 6 March 2011

My first hunting experience - day on the moor with Exmoor Foxhounds

We couldn't have wished for a better weather. Many, many thanks to Pauline, Nic and Exmoor Foxhounds for an unforgettable experience and one amazing day. I will let the photos tell the story. Above: moment of rest. Beautiful countryside. The hills are out of this world and as Nic said about the horses who hunt there "there is fit and there is Exmoor fit", I wouldn't even attempt to hunt a semi-fit horse there. You need buckets of stamina and muscle power there. And pair of good knees yourself as there is a lot of jerky descents...

6.55am. View from my bed. Sheep, an arena and the hills we are to gallop up later - a dream team :) 

8.30 ish. Felix - my absolutamazing partner for the day. Groomed and ready to go. He is barefoot. The best horse I have ever taken over some serious terrain. 

Helping to groom the rest of the horses. 

First horses arrive...Exciting!

Pauline, Whiskey and Port ;) 

More people and horses arrive at Rockley Farm

And the HOUNDS! They are rather impressive :) 

And off we go...

Pauline and Angel returning at the end of the day.

Amazing Felix and I at the end of the day

Fabulous memories and unforgettable experience. Thank you once again to Pauline and Nic for making it possible :) 



Oak Creek Ranch said...

looks like fun!

Barbara said...

oh, you hunted at Rockley Farm. How fun!

sally said...

How amazing for you. The scenery looks gorgeous and I like the look of your horse for the day. OUr opening Hunt is coming up at the end of March. I cant wait. I'm hunting a dun gelding called Barney. He belongs to my friend. Because he jumps out of his paddock all the time we thought he would make a fabulous hunter.
Hope you get to go again?.Was it a drag hunt?. We hunt Hares here in NZ

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