Saturday, 11 April 2015

Day 100 & 101: Travel Time & Real Time

Day 100: Travel Time

Today, I am mostly travelling. I'm writing this offline on my phone so I can copy and paste it later on here.
One thing I learnt from my travels is that, if you want to remain relatively unbothered and stress free, get on the go as early as possible but only that. Don't go overboard, no five hours earlier kind of thing.
I leave about 45 minutes buffer for anyone who wishes to die on tracks today. It goes without saying that nothing bad happens, all trains are on time and I even make it to London Liverpool Street early enough to grab a sandwich and a coffee and catch the Stansted Airport train that is the one earlier than the one I planned.

It always goes like this when I am not at all in a hurry :)

The airport is in its usual always-something-being-improved state so it takes me a moment to locate Hamleys. I am headed there because I want to grab something for my niece and God Daughter To Be. She hates having her hair brushed but has long blond curly hair so I go for one of those funky tangle teasers in kids version that is smaller and hopefully perfect for her 4 years old hand to handle.

I chose one that is all gold and sparkly and I hope she likes it.

- Great choice - says the salesman - tried and tested.
- Perfect - I say as I look at his 2mm hair that definitely needs no brushing never mind detangling - do you use it a lot?
- Oh yeah, all the time.
We laugh and off I go with my stubble hair tried and tested mini gold tangle teaser.

The joke themed journey continues as I enter the plane. The guy who is looking after the passengers is determined to spell all our names correctly and greet us properly as if we were to be forever acquainted and perhaps even involved in intricate business deals rather than share a two hour flight during which we will be having no conversation what so ever.
I let him battle with my name without help for a bit of banter.

Half way through the flight The Guy Who Takes Care of Passengers has another great idea. As he starts the usual lets-play-this-lottery-and-donate-for-charity interval, he tells us his big secret:

- You know, you really want to play this lottery. I did it myself. Now, I am a millionaire and only here for a bit of fun. I don't have to work here at all.

The rest of the crew and we, the bemused passengers, have a chuckle. The little kid next to me doesn't laugh because he is too busy being incredibly annoying.

A quick thought occurs to me: I hope the Guy Who Takes Care of Passengers doesn't make us all laugh to cover up for some major disasters otherwise happening in the cockpit.

At last, the pilot lands incredibly smoothly and I walk outside into a lovely, warm, sunny afternoon of my home town to meet my parents :)

Day 101: Real Time

New hair! 
Today, I am mostly getting spoilt. I was not here for my birthday and my brother surprised me with possibly one of the most amazing gifts - a new laptop. My Toshiba - that was also a gift but from my boyfriend, I seem not to ever buy any electronic equipment by myself! - is now about 7 years old and when I go through all the check ins at the airports I am usually asked to open it myself while the guards watch ready to jump away. So let me tell you, this new little laptop is simply amazing and I can't stop using it ;)

I am spending the day with my Mum just catching up and strolling around a shopping centre. Neither of us likes shopping for any extended period of time and even if we jump at the task enthusiastically, we are both bored after a few shops ;)

I got my hair chopped today too which feels really good and I am enjoying the change. The only thing I am dreading a little is the maintenance of those bangles!

Now, tomorrow I am playing God Mother to my niece in a christening ceremony so god help me ;)


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