Thursday, 30 April 2015

Day 120: That Thursday feeling ;) Is it normal?

Lunch time on Thursday is just a whole different thing ;) For non UK readers - the equestrian weekly, Horse & Hound, comes out on Thursdays. I really do enjoy what they are currently doing with the magazine, the new format is way more interesting than the previous one.

I am sure you can't not notice my amazing fruit and yoghurt bowl of goodness ;) I shall share my food related thoughts soon, you might remember my sugar avoidance attempt, which is going quite well, and the trying different stuff quest, which also is going fairly well. Inadvertently, I picked up a book a few weeks ago which turned out to be some sort of nutritional sensation but I didn't know it at a time. I bought it because of...well, more about it another day!

From time to time I watch this series of videos from a travel obsessive who films various aspects of his adventures. He is a popular video creator and understandably attracts many comments each time he hits the publish button.
One of the comments drew my attention - someone, let's call him Ed because I don't know any Eds, said he had found that he couldn't quite relate to what was being shared on the videos.
"I have a normal 9 to 5 job - said Ed - and none of this stuff seems possible for a normal person. I would love to do these things too but I've got all the normal stuff to do..." (I paraphrase Ed here).

Can I just ask you Ed - how is a 9 to 5 a normal job? How are you a normal person? It's a funny thing when you think about it. Are all non 9 to 5s abnormal? Is normal when 31% of population does it? 82%? And population of what? Where exactly?
Is it normal to make no time in your life, Ed, for some abnormal things you really would like to do?
Is it normal Ed, that you waste your time on watching abnormal videos showing abnormal people doing things you will never make time to do in your normal life?

You won't read this Ed but I would like to share my 'abnormal wisdom' with you. There is no normal. There is no abnormal. Just you. Just me. No need for normalising anything. Just go and make your own travel videos :)

Following my heavier reads in the last few weeks I went for an all change with my next book (although I can't really call it a light read exactly!):

It's a rather engaging story. I even wish my train journeys were a little longer so I can read more ;) I find it very hard to simply get back home and sit with a book that is unrelated to horses or coaching but travelling is like borrowing time, no internet, nowhere to go...
The only worry is that while engrossed in the book you pull into the station, look absentmindedly at the station's name outside the window, wonder why it seems familiar and then realise it's familiar because you have to get off at it!

I'd been working on some new exercises today that I would like to test on two of my riders with canter issues and tomorrow there is an interesting day which includes a new rider coming for an intro session to check if they like my teaching enough to join in on Aspire programme with a pony that recently became available for share. My London team is expanding rapidly!

Hope you're all having something good in your day today (and you too Ed if you are reading this ;) )


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