Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Day 215 - 223 Still catching up!

Today is Tuesday 11th of August and I have now probably missed the biggest chunk of the daily updates since starting this 365/2015 project in January.
This is not so much from having shortage of time because I can fit in some writing in various circumstances (like now when I am typing away on a train to London's yard) but more down to complete blank that my mind draws when it's really tired which has been the case recently.

Because of that I needed to use my usual writing time for catching some rest breaks and to make myself stop because I do tend to go into overdrive and work,work,work. Some might be surprised at such issue but I once heard a fabulous analogy that explains addiction to certain kinds of "work".

Let's say you love rum & raisin ice cream [enter anything here, I just love Malaga Rum & Raisin!] and someone brings a fresh tub of whatever it is that you adore stuffing your face with and says:
- I am going out for 6 hours, when I come back there better be none of that stuff left!
Now, how difficult would it be for you to make sure nothing is left? ;) When you have to do what you find great pleasure in doing, the "have to" takes a completely different meaning.

So, anyway. That's the reason. Way too much ice cream for my brain and no space for some rest and also for decently put together sentences.
This post will catch up with the last week and a half in a general chat rather than dividing my thoughts into particular days.

I have had a few new online (long distance) riders joining my virtual coaching programme in the last week so getting myself acquainted with their riding issues via series of videos they send to me has been really interesting. I don't think the virtual coaching can ever replace a real life tuition but it's wonderful to see the changes the riders make and the results they gain as a result upon video corrections.
My Polish riders are also sending video updates and I am loving following their training adventures. Can't wait to see them in October!

The weather has been fabulous recently so horses have been getting baths. I got my two little riders to cover their pony in shampoo too which was grand fun for them and a lot of work for me ;) In just a month they have gained so much confidence around Basil, the pony they loan, that I have to have my eyes all over my head when they groom him or they would probably play hide and seek underneath him.

Oscar continues to go very well. I met his physio last Saturday who is very pleased with his improvement. She found his sore areas from sacroiliac (SI) region completely gone (main issue he has been having since injuring himself in January) and only some small tender area remaining over the right side of his back which is in line with the way he moves on the right rein. She was generally very happy with him and noticed a big improvement in him since May. I am continuing the exercises in-hand every time before I ride which I know had great results with other horses with SI problems that I have worked with and he is responding well to them. His back feels much looser and softer in trot and so are the muscles at the base of his neck.

The young mare is doing very well too, she is so much pleasure to ride and her jump is to die for! I used to call her a fancy cart horse but damn, she might have to graduate to a different nick name ;) Look out for her going out on the market ;)

The "highlight"  of the last week must be the travel! It's been problematic to say the least with many a delay but it hit a climax on Friday 7th August.
It was the day on which I fully appreciated equine anatomy and the Stay Apparatus.

When a horse is standing, muscles on opposite sides of the joints delicately contract and relax so that it stays in balance. This obviously puts considerable strain and stress on the muscles. To combat this, the horse has increased the fibrous content of many muscles. These collagenous muscles have been named collectively as the stay apparatus. This is further divided into the suspensory apparatus and the check apparatushttps://en.wikivet.net/Stay_Apparatus_-_Horse_Anatomy

How I wish I had that superior anatomic ability when I spent from 5pm to 11.45pm on my feet stood on board of various transport.

London Paddington, Friday 7th August - blank Departures boards, not something you want to see at 8pm...

Thankfully, one of my fellow sufferers thought it was a great idea to watch a couple of hours of footage of people falling over so I amused myself watching over his shoulder. Perks of railway services failure...


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