Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Day 224: Importance of seeing through....

Two very interesting things happen today. First of all, we have a breakthrough in a lesson with a lovely young mare by De Niro that I am helping Emma with. The mare has an impeccable dressage pedigree and has been nurtured in those lines but the more time she spends under the saddle the more it is blatantly obvious her heart right now is in polework, jumping and galloping in the countryside.

Della is still very gangly and growing into her rather nice frame ;) Seeing through horse's motivations and attending to them as priority really is the key to bringing the best out of them.

We might have seen through that and added some poles for her to spice up her flatwork but I find I am totally blind on another occasion as when I have a sit on a horse after the rider is having grand difficulties with a new exercises I wonder how stupid I must be not have spotted the issue that I can feel straight away the moment I move off in walk. I work the horse for a bit and end up very happy with how he feels but very disappointed in myself for not spotting the problem from the ground.

Today I also teach a new client on a trial session who rides very well despite having 10 years break from riding. Sometimes muscle memory kicks in as if the body never stopped but I hope she can move tomorrow! ;)


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