Thursday, 13 August 2015

Day 225: Finding THE place

As I watch Woody merrily jog through the puddles on our long, afternoon walk I can't help but feel a pinch of funny envy for that trouble free existence where the only issue he has is locating his favourite tennis ball ;) 
My thoughts today circle around the more long term plans for our living arrangements. As I organise the weekend and week ahead, reply to emails and try to fit all the riders for their lessons into my increasingly difficult logistics, I find myself coming back to google maps to figure out the best connections between the places I need to be at. 

Where to move to next is the question! You might think that without children and facilities needed for them like schools, playgrounds etc etc our living choices will be quite easy but various other considerations come into play so it's a bit of a mind breaking game. 

We are not moving yet so it's not a decision for today but it's on the figuring out agenda anyway...
All these every-day-life things are really not my most favourite! 

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