Friday, 28 November 2008

Long evening ahead

Seeing Santa does read my blog (well some of it at least) I can be a bit more positive on here again.
Just over two days left until my Stage IV exam (or as it is now called: Intermediate Stable Managers exam) so this is what I am spending my evening and night on today:

Oh, and another household quote...Ricky to me just before I popped to the shop: 'Yea, just you get yourself some red-bulls so you can then leave empty cans around the house like a tramp!'...some sort of theme seems to be going on!
[I really do need that liquid though, fell asleep in a coffee shop today while revising AFTER having an enormous cup of coffee! Red-bull is much more effective and no, I am not involved in any advertising campaigns they run. However, if they would like to sponsor my eventing and/or dressage season 2009 I won't say No!!]. Any Red-Bull PR people reading???
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