Sunday, 23 November 2008

The Mud Paradise

Did I say I was going to mention the 'cold' word quite often? Not? Well, I will ;) It was blooming freezing today, another day when I really got incredibly wet and cold. It took me 40 minutes in a really hot bath to go back to a reasonable state ;) My circulation must be of some exotic genetic origins and it gets confused when it has to take care of me whenever the temperature drops below 20C.
Day started quite nicely, cold but so pretty - it was snowing and everything was covered white.


At 10am the snow changed into one of the coldest, driving type of rain I have seen for a while. And since then it had all been far from pretty...

By 11am I was wrapped in everything I could find including an exercise sheet (yes, the one for horses) with fleece lining. I sat there trying to see my riders behind the wall of rain and thought about Ricky's comment the other day: "What are those empty cans of red bull doing in the bedroom you tramp!" [I do love him really;)]....;)
I still ended up soaked.

Amazingly, due to only really committed riders making it to the arena, we did actually get some quality sessions done. I've been teaching most of them for a year now and it's such a pleasure seeing them improve and really enjoying learning more and more.

Mental note to self: make sure all your future jobs come with indoor arenas as a must number 1!
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