Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Sooo coooold!

I will probably repeat myself over and over again this winter but - it's SO COLD! I've just came back from Ealing RS and am sitting here trying to warm up, wrapped in blankets. Oh and I am stuffing myself with chocolates from a crazy friend from Italy whom I met up with this morning. We spent several hours chatting about teaching methods and horses making other people in a coffee shop look at us with some bewilderment. You can't beat Italians when it comes to conversations! ;)
M. is an incredibly committed instructor with a rather excellent CV who just got a job at quite an interesting place in Scotland (The Scottish Equestrian Centre - Gleneagles) - hence her reappearance in England - so everything crossed for her settling in well!! I will finally have a very good reason to visit Scottish Isles :)
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